Hyperlocal Direct – your way to instant digital customer communication.

Imagine a way of digitally interacting with everyone of your customers and they already know how to use it. Send them a coupon. Ask them to check out new offers. Reward their loyalty with a free goodie. They just use their smartphone.

Close the gap between offline and online.

Hyperlocal Direct works with a wifi hotspot on your location that customers can connect to. At this point, they enter your digital communications portal, only available at your store.

Full hardware and software solution

You get the full package. Order custom created Wifi1 access points to enable Hyperlocal Direct at your locations. Use our Hyperlocal Direct dashboard to create coupon campaigns, measure customer activity, number of store visits and many things more. Plan and execute loyalty programs for your most important customers and reward their ongoing interest in your brand.

An easy to use interface for your customers

Hyperlocal Direct uses your customers smartphone in ways he already knows and understands. Connect to a promoted wifi, pick a coupon, redeem it instantly or send it via SMS oder email for later. 

Talk to your customers, digitally

It is important to keep your customers aware of your brand, products and services. Hyperlocal Direct is the perfect way to keep your brand in your customers mind by interacting with it. And you get all the feedback you need.

Learn reactions to promotions

How about making an 10% rebate offer to your weekly visitors? Or the ones that come every day? Create, roll out, test and refine what works best for your location, brand and products. 

Uplift your sales

Understand your Hyperlocal Direct engaged customers and lift up sales by showing them fitting offers when they visit your location or store. Offers can be personalized and targeted at specific customer groups for maximum efficiency.

Your digitally enabled store is the future.

Hyperlocal Direct offers endless possibilities to engage your customer in learning more about your brand and your products. Keep them tied closely to your business by offering them digital services they can only obtain while being in reach. It’s the best of both worlds, offline and online.

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