Connect with your customers
through WiFi

Wifi Tracking

You would be amazed to learn about how wifi tracking can improve your insights on what is going on in your stores or business locations.

Counting visitors is one thing. Seeing how passerbies convert to store visitors, how much time they spend in there, when your business really gets on heat – well, just look for yourself how the comprehensive interpretation of apparently simple data can bring your business forward.

Hyperlocal Direct

A totally new way of communicating digitally with your business visitors at your location.

Something as simple as logging into a wifi hotspot opens a full digital channel between your business and your customers, right on site.

Make offers to your costumers. Send them a coupon right on their phone while inside your store, and many things more.

The results are amazing

We’d love to get into the details with you about how you can grow your offline business with wifieins in a quick personal conversation.